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Pacific Environmental was created as a joint venture locally owned and operated organisation to help bring International Standard essential environmental health services to the wider Pacifc community. We work with Aid Development Projects, NGO’s, Private sector business, Government and Public sector to help deliver environmental heath services to all who reside in these communities. Through these services we aim to develop environmental health and sustainability to increase the overall health and wellbeing for those who come into contact with our services.

All services delivered are carried out to Australian Standards, or when specified other international standards. Through our continual work across all levels and in various fields we are able to deliver key outcomes across many social and economic barriers in the many fields we work.

We have operated in projects out of the Solomon Islands, Australia, Fiji, East Timor and Naru for the past 15 years and in this time have developed a wealth of experience while delivering key outcomes to at risk populations. We continue to strive to improve our practices to ensure we continue to grow as an organisation and can further benefit our local communities.

Pest Control
We specialise in all pest control from commercial facilities and private homes to developing agricultural solutions including natural pest control for compliance with organic certification
Vector Control
Due to the health impact on the immediate community vector control is one area we specialise in and regard with the highest priority. We only employ the use of WHO approved chemicals and methods to control mosquito populations. We also monitoring mosquito counts across a range of sites to monitor effectiveness of the treatments applied.
AFAS Fumigation

AFAS Fumigation is imperative to the protection of biosecurity for many subscribing countries. It is the most critical control for preserving native biodiversity. Correct fumigation of incoming and outgoing commodities helps to preventing unwanted and harmful species from entering into an environment where they can dominate an ecosystem.

Current issues are found through out the pacific with species like Rhinoceros Beetle, Giant African Snails and Tobacco Beetle

Dealing with Hazardous Materials
We carry out identification services and provide safe removal and disposal of many hazardous materials including friable and bonded asbestos
Waste Water
We live in an environment with real health dangers and we have the skills and abilities to help reduce the risk with the most advanced treatment methods at our disposal allow us to tailor a program to your needs.
Labrotory Services

Mircrobiological Water  Analysis

General Water Analysis

Total and Dissolved Metals Water Analysis

Full Suite Water Chemistry

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Our goal is to provide the most modern and efficient services to ensure both human and natural environments grow sustainably and develop with benefits for all in the Pacific.
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We are always looking to build more partnerships throughout the pacific and work with other organisations looking to deliver impactful programs.

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